Letter from the Acting President

The Yarra Valley is the 4th largest equestrian participation in Australia with nearly 4000 riders. Many regularly do the 200km round trip to Werribee or Boneo. We are also home to around 40 equestrian clubs many who don’t have a permanent ‘home’ and most who haven’t got facilities to hold larger events.

The Yarra Glen and Lilydale Hunt Club have owned their superb central 40ha property (approx the same size as Werribee) in Yering for over 80 years. They have recently conducted an intensive study and recommend a design for a multipurpose equestrian centre at their property. The not for profit Yarra Valley Equestrian Park (YVEP)body has been established with an agreement for a 30 year lease on the property subject to obtaining funding by October 2020.

The YVEP will be built in two stages each costing approximately $5 million. The Shire of Yarra Ranges has invested heavily in the Warburton Mountain Bike and the Yarra Valley Trail projects. They support the YVEP project but because it only involves equestrian, they have not given it priority funding. The Mountain Bike Park raised private, commercial and club funds before the SOYR committed and we need to do the same if we are to show the Shire that the strong equestrian community want to have a world class centre in the Yarra Valley.

Once we have this support we can work with the Shire on State and Federal funding. Clubs and individuals have already pledged or donated over $100,000 to YVEP. You can help by:

1. Contacting your local councillor by email or phone asking for their support:

Mayor Cr Tony Stevenson

P: 0409 031 360

E: CrTonyStevenson@yarraranges.vic.gov.au

Cr Fiona McAllister Ryrie Ward

P: 0408 349 640

E: CrFionaMcAllister@yarraranges.vic.gov.au

Cr Jim Child Oshannassy Ward

P: 0408 079 227

E: CrJimChild@yarraranges.vic.gov.au

2. Contacting you state government ministers for their support:

The Hon James Merlino Deputy Premier

P: 03 9651 5000

E: james.merlino@parliament.vic.gov.au

The Hon Martin Pakula Minister of Sport

P: 03 8392 2221

E: martin.pakula@parliamnent.vic.gov.au

Please share and read more about the exciting plans for your YVEP on our website. We welcome your feedback. This is possibly the last chance we may have to retain the iconic Hunt Club property as an equestrian park for all generations to come. Your involvement and support will help.

Yours sincerely

G. Sinclair

Geoff Sinclair on behalf of the board of YVEP