Yarra Valley Equestrian Park

Equestrian demographics

The equestrian participant population in the Yarra Valley is the 2nd highest in Victoria and the 4th in Australia. With female participation rates well over 75%, equestrian sport is one of the few sports where female participation rates increase through teenage years and beyond. Equestrian sports are strong family participation activities and are open to people from all abilities and walks of life, catering for people with disabilities, children, young people and through until those aged well into their 80’s.

There is currently no equestrian facility within the Yarra Valley that caters for the equestrian needs of the population, meaning significant travel to and expenditure in equestrian facilities outside of the Yarra Valley. By providing the community with access to a vital, female and family friendly sporting facility there will be an increase in the level of participation in equestrian sports within the Yarra Valley.

There is currently in excess of 40 equestrian clubs in the Yarra Valley with no permanent home. Their 1,600 individual members would likely substantially grow if provided with appropriate recreational, training and competition facilities.