Yarra Valley Equestrian Park
Yarra Valley Equestrian Park



The development of the Yarra Valley Equestrian Park would support physical activity, mental health, gender equality, and healthy active ageing. Riding and caring for horses is an outdoor activity that is good for the body, mind and soul keeping riders engaged and active for longer. There is a proven therapeutic benefit of riding horses for people with disabilities. Access for people with disabilities will be built into the operation of the Yarra Valley Equestrian Park.


Sustainability is at the heart of project and the Yarra Valley Equestrian Park is committed to minimising its energy footprint. Our sustainability measures include amongst other things:

- recycling water collected from the main arena roof

- using solar power produced on the park’s major roof surfaces

- integrating natural lighting into all buildings

- using ISO certified environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals


The Yarra Valley Equestrian Park will source it products from local business where possible.